Walkthrough 0 min read - Jul 20, 2019
Articles 0 min read - Feb 20, 2019
CTF 1 min read - Jan 22, 2019 Why ? Because I wanted to share my little challenges and try to teach you something, the knowledge sharing is the most important thing in infosec ;) Who ? Mainly me, but if someone wants to store his task, I can host it. Where ? In my basement. Looking for my writeups ? You can find all my writeups on the Aperi’Kube website or here, in the Walktrough category! If you have any question, feel free to contact me on twitter :)
Friends 1 min read - Jan 22, 2019 Here is my friends websites, hope you’ll enjoy them! Follow them on twitter, and let’s take a beer all together at the next conference :D Tomtombinary: Tomtombinary’s website is focused on low level stuff and CTF writeups. Haax: Haax’s website deal with articles about privacy and best practices. You can also find CTF writeups. ENOENT: ENOENT’s website talks about cryptography, reverse engineering and other low level stuff. Creased: Creased’s website is focused on his project (network, hardware, lot of things).
Stupidthings 0 min read - Jan 22, 2019
Who am I? 1 min read - Jan 22, 2019 I’m playing CTF with Aperi’Kube and my main interests are forensic, realistic pentest, hardware and electronic stuff. Feel free to contact me on twitter to chat about what you want! Come in the next conference to take a beer :D Hope you’ll enjoy and laugh reading my blog, cya <3
1 min read - Jan 1, 0001 Le CTFer J'me présente je m'appelle Maki J'voudrais bien réussir mon TI, être aimééé Etre beau, gagner des CTF Puis surtout n'pas être SDF Mais pour tout ça il faudrait que j'paye bien mes fesses... J'suis CTFer, je CTF avec mes copains J'veux faire des challs et que ça flag bien, flag bien J'veux écrire des challenges dans le vent Un air gai, chic et bien rageant Pour faire galérer dans les soirées de M.